Thursday, December 04, 2008

Flood Victums See their Motorhome as Escape Vehicle

While experts offer lists of tasks for people on how to be prepared for a disaster such as a flood and what to do during and afterward, folks in a south Centralia neighborhood who lived through it shared their top advice this week based on lessons learned during last December’s record flooding.

Boyd Fite, 54, and Kelly Stewart, 44, also had about 40 minutes warning a flood was coming.

The couple gathered up important items to take, like the former logger’s oxygen, but had to return because they forgot his medication. She bagged up clothing, but forgot to grab it, she said.

They lost all their family photographs.

Today, she keeps a motor home packed with important belongings behind their Long Road home. If it happens again, they can just drive out and have a place to sleep.

Stewart recommends people make a list of what to do and what to take if they have to evacuate because of a flood.

“It happens so quick, you can’t think, so have it down on paper,” she said.
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