Saturday, December 27, 2008

RV campground feeling the pinch

Charleston Post Courier - Charleston,SC,USA
You often can gauge how the economy is doing by the number of RVs parked at the Oak Plantation Campground.

Nestled under a canopy of oak trees along U.S. Highway 17 near Johns Island, the family-owned business caters to the motor homes of snowbirds and transient workers.

Recently, workers laid off from Vought Aircraft Industries Inc., which makes rear fuselage sections for Boeing's new 787 passenger jet, are pulling up stakes at the campground and driving off in search of new work.

He estimated that his monthly leases are down by as much as half this year because "we are not seeing as many workers."

He also saw business drop off when gas hit four bucks a gallon earlier this year.

The business trends also reflect the power of money. Massive, 45-foot RVs that can sell for as much as $2 million arrive regularly in spite of the economic meltdown.

Lately, snowbirds heading south for the winter are propping up Kuznik's bottom line.

He's looking ahead to spring when an RV club is expected to roll into town onboard a few dozen high-end travelers. "That's my busy month."
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