Monday, December 15, 2008

RV Dealers Disagree on 'Credit Crunch'

Some of the first to notice the slowdown in production from RV manufacturers are the dealerships that sell the final product. They also face the double whammy of trying to finance RVs for customers during a massive credit freeze caused by the global economic crisis.

One direct example in Elkhart County is the now-defunct Hart City RV Supercenter. After over 26 years in business on the west side of Elkhart, the dealer was forced to close in October due to declining sales, rising gas prices and the credit issue.

Tom Ewing would beg to differ with other dealers regarding the credit crunch. He owns Ewing’s Outpost RV Inc. in Middlebury, which has seen a 35 percent increase in sales.

“Dealers are afraid, so they quit buying rather than telling the manufacturers they’re afraid. Then they make up this story I keep hearing, that ‘we can’t get anybody financed,’” he said.

Recently, the dealership has helped an 85-year-old man finance a trailer, and also financed a $61,000 RV for a 21-year-old college graduate without a career job.
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