Thursday, December 04, 2008

RV Industry Pins Hopes on Hybrid Motorhomes
Two concept Class A motor homes at the RV industry’s show here have shown that hybrid power systems can be adapted to luxury homes on wheels. The question that remains is: Are consumers interested in paying more for the technology to improve their vehicle’s gas mileage?

Both Fleetwood Enterprises and Winnebago Industries are displaying 36-foot motor homes built on the Freightliner ecoFRED chassis. That chassis includes a front-mounted diesel engine coupled to an electric motor/generator that is tied to lithium-ion batteries.

According to Freightliner information supplied to reporters, the electric motor is used when a control system senses it is most efficient to do so. The lithium-ion batteries capture and store energy when the vehicle is braked. The battery is also charged by the engine.

Fuel-efficiency gains are substantial for the hybrid. Fleetwood has not done any scientific comparisons, but road tests showed there would be up to a 42 percent gain over a gasoline-powered motorhome of the same size. Compared to a diesel-powered motorhome, the gain was 19 percent. Winnebago’s comparisons were also informal and were estimated at a 7 percent gain.
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