Wednesday, December 03, 2008

RV Snowbird Migration Observed

Selma News - Selma,NC,USA
Those who live along Interstate 95 don't have to see the leaves change to know that winter or spring is approaching.

All they have to do is observe the motor-homes and travel trailers heading either north or south. Typically, they will be heading in the same direction as the mercury in a thermometer.

Tony Tetterton, who owns and operates RVacation Campground just outside of Selma on I-95, says he's seen this phenomenon every year over the past five years since he and his wife Erin purchased the campground, which was a KOA.

When it starts to get cold up north, those with travel trailers and motor homes start heading South. They come in a steady stream from October to November and then resume just after Christmas.

They will begin their northward return when the temperatures begin to rise in the northeast, typically during March and April.

Tetterton, who's 50-site campground fills to capacity regularly each night during these months, said the typical snowbird is a retired person in their 60s. They spend the winters in Florida and return home when it warms there.
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