Monday, December 15, 2008

RV Suppliers Feeling Pain Too
RV suppliers are among the most hesitant to speak publicly about their status and analysis of the industry downturn. Those who are willing to talk about their current business situation point to ongoing difficulties and the need for suppliers to work proactively to ensure their survival.

“The general concensus from the industry as a whole is that there will be additional businesses that fall by the wayside,” Atwood Mobile Products Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kip Ellis said. “The effects of this are something the industry’s going to need to endure in the months following the first of the year.”

“The vast majority of what we do is tightly correlated to the performance of the RV industry broadly, so our business is down considerably, as you might expect,” he said. “We’re starting to see it into January at this point.”

Vice president of L&W Engineering, Inc., Bob Sutter spoke briefly about his company’s current status.

“As a supplier to the RV industry, we have seen a 28 percent reduction in business volume since May of this year. Our management team has made every effort to be as creative as possible in the reduction of our workforce, alternating workers’ time off to maximize their unemployment income options,” Sutter wrote.
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