Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home Winter Texans make Fort Clark Springs Home

Fort Clark Springs has a "Welcome" sign out. "We're the best kept secret in Texas," Victor Isaacs, recreation and marketing director of Fort Clark Springs, said. They are working hard to make sure it's not a secret anymore.

Isaacs said Fort Clark officials attend RV trade shows to let travelers know what Fort Clark Springs has to offer. Winter Texans and others are easily attracted to the area with its historic fort and grounds, a bird sanctuary, an 18-hole golf course, scheduled community activities and a spring-fed swimming pool that stays 68-degrees year-round. The camaraderie of Fort Clark Springs makes people want to stay and return year after year. "We have people who reserve spots every year," said Shirley Hadsell, RV park manager. The park has 85 sites and they run close to 70 percent occupancy.

The people come from every state and Canada, Hadsell said. "The weather is the main reason," she said, explaining why guests come here. But, the friendly atmosphere, peace and quiet and wildlife – people at the RV park can feed deer and turkey – keep them coming back. "They feel more peaceful and safe at Fort Clark Springs," she said, "and enjoy the fellowship."

"There's always something going on at the RV park," Hadsell said. There may be formal activities like a Bible study, a potluck dinner or a fund-raising breakfast on Saturday mornings. She said volunteers do all the work for the events.
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