Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Longtime Reno NV RV Dealer Closes Down

A Northern Nevada fixture, Mountain Family RV announced Monday it's closing its doors.

Mountain Family RV opened in 1988, and if you've ever driven between Reno and Carson city, you've likely driven past it. The owner, Jon Whipple says shutting down and laying off 16 people, was the hardest thing he's ever done.

A small business owner, hoping to sell some body work to the RV company, was greeted Wednesday by a locked fence, and a short apology note, while hundreds of RV's sat collecting dust in the parking lot.

"We were trying to stir up some business and we see a sign that they're closed," said Forrest Bietz, who owns ColorAll Technologies.

Owner Jon Whipple says a 40 percent drop in sales helped kill his business, but so did RV manufacturers that shut down, leaving obsolete inventory in his lot. He also says the national credit crunch has made it much harder for buyers to qualify for loans.

A few miles away at the family-owned Sierra RV, we spoke with sales manager Dave O'Brien. He says while it's sad to see colleagues in the RV industry fail, it could mean a higher sales share for him in the future. In 2008, he says he saw only a small decrease, about eight less RV's were sold than in 2007, that's out of an average of 300 sales a year.
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