Thursday, January 15, 2009

Milford MI, council rejects RV ordinance change

Spinal Column Online - Waterford,MI,USA
January 14, 2009 - An attempt to introduce an amendment to the Milford Village recreational vehicle (RV) storage ordinance was turned down by a 4-3 vote of the Village Council on Monday, Jan. 5.

What was meant to help clear up any confusion instead seemed to create more of it for the council and village residents.

In a memo presented to the council before the meeting, Building Official Randy Sapelak stated that the current zoning ordinance, Chapter 94, Article XII, Section 94-344, requires property owners to store their RVs in rear yards and that is difficult to achieve. He added that his staff at one time found 40 to 50 property owners that were in violation of the existing ordinance language.

"The new ordinance would allow placement in the side yard and the front yard, as well as the backyard, but screening is required," he said.

Screening was defined in the amendment as an obscuring fence or landscaping at least 6-feet-tall.

The proposed amendment also provided a maximum two-year period from the date the new ordinance passed for owners to park their RVs in their driveway if there was no reasonable access to the rear and side yards.

Vehicles over 40 feet in length would not be permitted.

Planning Commissioner Gary Goodenow said the commission worked on the amendment for the past six months and held two public hearings on the proposed amendment, and that he believes the amendment was good language.

However, some residents at the Jan. 5 meeting told the council that the current ordinance should be enforced and that property values would be harmed if extra requirements for RV storage were put upon property owners.
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