Monday, January 12, 2009

Renting an RV 101

Kathleen Petersen write in her blog:

This year we knew we could no longer put it off and a visit to Bakersfield for Christmas was imminent. Again, I enjoy being there, I just don't enjoy the trip so the anticipation was bittersweet. Just days before the long journey we decided to go the adventurous route and rent an RV. Not just any RV but the monster of all RVs. A 34 footer.

After deciding this, the drive no longer filled me with dread. Anxiety, yes. Dread, no. The lesser of two evils I suppose. We ended up having a great time but I did learn a few valuable lessons on the trip that I wanted to record for future reference and also share with anyone out there who might be considering an RV trip in the near or distant future.
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