Monday, January 26, 2009

RV Camper Fans Enjoyed Green Bay RV Show

ASHWAUBENON — In a bad economy, camping is a good deal, enthusiasts say. And hundreds flocked to an annual recreational vehicle and camping show on Sunday to see the latest and greatest in all things camping.

"We came just to look," Valerie Zellmer of Appleton said. "I can't believe all the new upgrades. Ours is only a couple years old, but there's already a lot of new stuff."

Her family has a site near Manawa and enjoys spending time with friends and family, she said. "We just love it."

Jane and Norb Gebert of Neenah have been camping for more than 30 years. They'd like to buy a smaller camper and were looking for ideas.

"Our boys are grown up and don't come camping with us anymore, so we're thinking of down-sizing," Norb Gebert said. Still, the couple has no intention of stopping.

"We get away from everything," he said. "It's nice to spend time outside and relax."

That's what draws many people to camping, said Jenny Rollo, a vendor and spokeswoman for Bud Styer and Associates, owner of five campgrounds in Wisconsin. Affordability is a factor, too, she said.
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