Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RV Dealer Profits Using New Sales Approach

Cincinnati, OH: The last week of 2008 proved more than profitable for Tom Raper's Fairfield, Ohio location, despite previous trends pointing to a downturn in business during this period. In an effort to spark consumer interest, the dealership hosted its first Asset Disposal Event which delivered more than 320 ups, with 29 units sold for a gross profit of over $186,000. By the close of the sale, Tom Raper's Fairfield, Ohio store had successfully moved over $1 Million in inventory which included new, used and old aged units.

"It's quite a way to end the year," said dealership owner, Dave Bane, "Typically we don't plan on doing much business during this time, but it seems that we have found something that works, despite the economy or the time of year." The 6 day event, which took place December 26th through December 31st, was facilitated by G&A Marketing, a promotional sales and marketing agency based in Cincinnati, OH. While G&A's Staffed Event program is somewhat new to the RV industry, the concept is continuing to gain momentum and produce results. "It's good to see so much excitement being generated for an RV dealer. We know this industry has been especially hard hit, and given the circumstances, this was a decent sale. However, we are aiming to improve these results for our future sales and we are pretty confident that this can be achieved," said Mark Zimmer, Account Executive for G&A Marketing's RV division.

"Since this was our first staffed event, we were hoping for a better return than we would typically see for a RV show," states Bane, "However, I don't know that anyone at the dealership was expecting it to go this well."
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