Sunday, January 25, 2009

RVers busted for $2.5 million cocaine cache

Omaha World-Herald - Omaha,NE,USA
A motor home with California plates was eastbound on Interstate 80 this week when deputies pulled it over for driving on the shoulder of the highway.

Deputies seized $2.5 million worth of cocaine after searching a motor home on Interstate 80.

Inside the $200,000 motor home sat a couple and their 21-year-old daughter — and $2.5 million in cocaine, hidden in a floorboard compartment.

"It looked like a normal, happy family," recalled Sgt. Ed Van Buren, of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. "The daughter was holding a puppy."

A search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of more than 235 pounds of individually wrapped "bricks" of cocaine. The Sheriff's Office announced the bust Friday, calling it the department's biggest cocaine seizure ever, Van Buren said.
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