Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tampa RV Show Packs In Potential Buyers

TAMPA - Visit this year's RV SuperShow at the Florida State Fairgrounds and you might find it hard to believe the nation is in a recession.

Huge crowds poured into the fairgrounds Friday to see the latest in recreational vehicles. The five-day event runs through Sunday.

"I came in here Wednesday afternoon and I was shocked by how many people were here," said Frank Konigseder, vice president of Liberty Coach, a luxury RV dealer based in Chicago. "This show has been very positive."

Sales of luxury RVs, however, have suffered because customers are hanging on to their cash in these tough economic times, Konigseder said.

"A lot of our customers have their own businesses and they've had to cut back on what they're doing," he said.

Frank Crum, regional vice president for Camping World RV Sales, said he sold 10 RVs on the first day of the trade show.
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