Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Zoning Panel to mull Havasu City island district

Rezoning the Island in Lake Havasu City could move closer, joining the Channel Riverwalk and possibly Body Beach as a zoning district with specific standards for development that could include some residential elements. City staff and the Planning & Zoning Commission will meet Wednesday to further discuss the standards that could make up the island district and allow for large resort-type developments to support the tourism industry in the community.

At a September 2008 meeting, the City Council approved a policy that would allow for new developments to have a residential element of no more than 40 percent of the mixed-use development. The council determined to prohibit single-family development, as part of the plan.

The island district would have similar standards to the Channel Riverwalk and the proposed Body Beach district. With these standards in mind, the primary purpose would be to allow for continued public access along the shoreline and ensure public amenities such as parks, beaches and trails.

If the City Council eventually approves the zoning of the district, the business possibilities in the area could go a long way in attracting tourism. Bars, nightclubs, boat launch facilities, playgrounds, museums and galleries, hotels and motels, resorts, restaurants and retail sales stores are just some of possibilities for the district.
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