Saturday, February 14, 2009

Canadians Celebrate Family Day with Family RV trip

Go RVing Canada is celebrating Family Day weekend.
There is nothing more valuable to families than spending time together, and an RV holiday provides the ideal setting. Studies have shown that families who RV together spend more time together.
"Family Day is a great time to sit down together and plan upcoming family holidays," said Go RVing spokesperson Alana Fontaine. "An RV holiday is the perfect way to reconnect with each other without breaking the bank."
There is an RV to fit every lifestyle and budget, and historically low prices further add to the affordability of the RV lifestyle, making an RV purchase a realistic opportunity for even more Canadian families.
Even in times of economic uncertainty, RVs offer economy not found in any other vacation options. Depending on the RV model, an RV holiday can save a family of four anywhere between 50% and 70% over the cost of other forms of vacation travel. Including all RV ownership costs such as leasing payments, insurance, maintenance, tires and registration, an RV trip still works out to be more economical when compared to a traditional week's vacation for a family of four, when you consider the costs of flights, car rental, hotels and eating out at restaurants.
"Families want to stretch their dollars in tough times, and RV vacations are a great way to do that," said Fontaine. "The fact that prices are lower than they have been in eight years means that RVing will appeal to an even broader cross section of Canadians, regardless of their age or income."
RV season is in full swing with local RV shows and exhibitions taking place across the country. For a full listing on RV Shows and RVing across
Canada, please visit
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