Wednesday, February 18, 2009

City considers emergency exception to RV parking code

Federal Way Mirror Reporter
Federal Way, Washington, will re-evaluate a code that makes it illegal to use a recreational vehicle as a temporary dwelling on residential property.

A suggested amendment would make it possible for residents to reside in their RVs on a temporary basis during times of emergency. As it currently stands, city code 22-1177 prohibits the parking or storage of recreational vehicles measuring more than 9 feet in height and 22 feet in length on residential lots. There are no exceptions for emergency situations.

This past October, a Federal Way couple addressed the code at a city council meeting. The woman and her husband were living in an RV on their property while their home was repaired of damages caused by a substantial fire. The couple received a ticket for their "junk vehicle" and were upset with the city's inability to recognize that exceptions should be made for those facing unusual circumstances.
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