Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Florida RV Park & Campground Owners Are Happy

The phone rings. Donna Campion answers, “It’s a great day at Holiday Cove RV Resort.”

And, at another local resort, Manatee Winter Quarters Encore, a similar greeting is used, “We’re having a great day at Encore Manatee.”

Personnel at recreational vehicle resorts and campgrounds have reason to be upbeat these days.

While the recession has sunk real estate, it turns out recreational vehicles and RV resorts are a lifestyle many are not willing to give up.

“We’re full and the phone keeps ringing,” said David Gorin, owner of Holiday Cove RV Resort. “I asked my resort manager, Donna, ‘could we use 20 more sites?’ And she said, ‘We could use 40.’”
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