Sunday, February 08, 2009

Full time RVers to be on PBS TV

Many of us feel our pets are members of the family. We refer to them as our fur-bearing children and would do almost anything for them. But would you sell your house, business and most of your possessions, buy an RV and hit the road because your dog had cancer and you wanted to give him the adventure of a lifetime?

That's what Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson did in 2007, after their beloved dog, Jerry, lost a front leg to bone cancer. The threesome, or Jerry's “pack” as the couple calls it, were longtime residents of Humboldt County before they adopted their mobile lifestyle.

The story of Jerry, Rene and Jim is one of the highlights of next Sunday's episode of “Nature” on PBS. Titled “Why We Love Cats and Dogs,” the film explores humankinds' fascination -- infatuation, the program calls it -- with our (mostly) four-legged, (mostly) furry canine and feline friends.
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