Monday, February 09, 2009

Haulin' Home: This isn't your average Motorhome

TABER, Alta. -- Marv Mountstephen has quite the imagination. He also has quite a bit of experience building trailers and when he had a chance to combine the two, one customer drove away with a trucker's dream motorhome.

Mountstephen operates Outlaw Welding and Mechanical in the rural town of Taber, Alta. The shop's typical work is on truck bodies and trailers working in the oilpatch, although Mountstephen also has experience building horse and racecar trailers.

He always dreamed however, of building a motorhome on the back of a Class 8 truck.

"I've had something like this drawn up on the computer for about 10 years and even laid in bed at night thinking about it," says Mountstephen. His idea spread by word of mouth and eventually found a guy in Regina who was eager to participate.
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