Monday, February 23, 2009

Lake Tahoe climbs the RV Examiner's Top Ten List - USA
Every cross-country RVer is subject to the dreaded experience of turning down a dead-end street with a car in tow. For yours truly, this happened at 7,200 feet on a small scenic overlook where every east-bound tourist within 50-square-miles decided at once to leave the freeway and let their children play in the snow at a particularly scenic “rest stop.”

My heart sank when the tiny ice-covered cul-de-sac came in view. What I thought was a drive through rest stop turned out to be a snowy tourist-infested dead-end. Feigning calm dignity, I unhooked the Jeep - the Navigator, mercifully without comment, drove it up to a flat spot where we hooked up after I recovered with the aid of a Japanese tourist who didn’t know any English but grunted, nodded and grinned as I carefully maneuvered the Magic Bus in a 3-point turnaround that would have made my dear deceased father smile.
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