Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Owned RV Storage Condominium Sales Boom

Beaumont, California -- Concerns over short supply worries developer of a unique storage facility.

Eucalyptus at Beaumont is the brain child of developer Ted Deits. Rather than offer rental style RV storage, Deits' opted to be the first to build a luxury storage facility that allows the individual ownership of a fully enclosed garage.

"I sometimes call it Man Land," he says. "I am the only one in California offering this type of storage, and the response has been overwhelming. Four of our five models have only one or two units left in our inventory." In a time where real estate sales are down, this product appears to be one area of the economy where things are actually going right.

"We started marketing this project three years ago. I have people who have been in escrow with me for over 2 ½ years, waiting for completion of construction. Our waiting list has swelled to over 2,500 people," he said.

Deits started this idea six years ago, when he purchased an RV and had a hard time finding quality storage. "Even a dirt lot was hard to find" he continued. "There are waiting lists all over Southern California for RV storage, few if any offer any acceptable level of security and the amenities desirable to RV owners." Then the light bulb went off. "Why not build something that actually offers an over the top list of amenities?"

That is exactly what he did. From a 2,700 sq ft clubhouse, to multiple dump stations, to individual burglar alarms in each unit. The list goes on. "We spared no expense in bringing this to market. Even the furniture in the clubhouse is custom made."

Deits' main concern now is not selling the units, but how to build more. "The only units I have left are those I held back from pre construction sales". Our most popular units are virtually sold out. It will take another two years before I can complete another facility like this one." Hind sight is truly 20-20.

About Eucalyptus at Beaumont

107 fully enclosed luxury storage condominiums. Every unit comes with a deed just like any other type of real estate. This project was built for the high end, discriminating RV owner who demands something above and beyond ordinary storage. Grand Opening will be March 14th and 15th, 2009.
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