Thursday, February 19, 2009

RV dealer determined to ride out economy

Kansas City Star - MO,USA

Steve Francis is trying his best to remain optimistic.

That isn’t easy, being the owner of an RV dealership.

Every day, Francis is surrounded by gloomy reminders of how badly the RV industry has been hit by the slumping economy: The lack of available credit, the effects of once-potential customers being out of work, the cuts in RV production.

Even President Barack Obama highlighted the woes of the RV industry when he visited Elkhart, Ind., the “RV Capital of the World” that suddenly is earning fame for another reason: having the nation’s highest unemployment rate, 15 percent.

Yet Francis, owner of the Trailside RV Center in Grain Valley, is trying to look past all of that. Yes, times are bad, he said. But he’s been through bad times before, and the industry has always rebounded.
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