Saturday, February 14, 2009

RVers are Happy Campers in Florida

Retail sales are weak, jobs are scarce and the economy is retreating, but RV parks in South Florida are bustling this winter — as usual.

It's not just that snowbirds and vacationers are loath to give up warm weather and their RV lifestyle.

South Florida also has relatively few sites to park recreational vehicles, so demand for space is strong, even in recession.

Plus, RV trips remain relatively affordable for owners, especially with gas prices down to about $2 a gallon, enthusiasts say.

"It's still one of the least expensive forms of travel," said Bob Cornwell, executive director of the Florida Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds, which estimates RVers spend $5 billion in Florida a year.

At the Paradise Island RV Resort in Oakland Park, winter business is so strong that there's often a wait for its 233 parking sites. Guests say they like the moderate rates; a location near beaches, shopping and city activities; plus amenities including a heated swimming pool.
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