Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sedona Arizona, a RV-friendly destination

by Larry Clifton, R.V. Travel Examiner
After breakfast, Leigh and I unhooked the Bus and cleared the deck for travel. The Flagstaff KOA Campground was great and the Grand Canyon was truly awesome, but we were tiring of the snow, ice and sludge in Flagstaff and longed for a warmer climate.

The dogs still get upset when they sense we are about to hit the road. Buster the Boston terrier snapped first, and Bitsey joined in. They whined and yapped until the Navigator had to leave the cockpit to console them.

Sedona’s mesmerizing red-rock country is unique to the world. The Sedona community offers so much to so many that it is difficult to imagine anyone unhappy with their journey there. History; archeology; arts; culture; outdoor sports; spiritual and metaphysical meditations - Sedona offers it all in a picturesque backdrop of serenity contrasted by some of the most rugged terrain to be found in this grand land or abroad.
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