Thursday, February 05, 2009

Snowbirds give boost to Florida cape

The News-Press - Fort Myers,FL,USA

Despite a bear market and falling consumer confidence, the stream of cars heading south on Interstate 75 is enough to boost the pocketbooks of local business.

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Missouri — the out-of-state license plates almost fill entire parking lots of local restaurants and retail stores. At Annie’s Restaurant, a typical winter mid-morning means pancakes, coffee and a staff that works fast to make sure the food gets out to the patrons who fill the building on 47th Street.

“We’ve seen an increase since last year,” owner Anne Herbert said.

“The recession has not affected the snowbirds,” Herbert said. “I’m happy to see them back.”

Yes, the snowbirds have returned. The city of Cape Coral does not track the number of seasonal residents who come to the city or how they spend their time and money, but members of the chamber have reported increased sales with the arrival of seasonal residents.
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