Friday, March 27, 2009

Iowa Campground Reservations Mixed

Journal Express - Knoxville,IA,USA
Knoxville — Reservations for camping this summer seem to be going well, but not everywhere.

As of last week, reservations for the county-operated Roberts Creek and Marion County Park campgrounds were a little below normal for this time of year. Reservations for the Knoxville Nationals at these sites are on keel compared to previous years. At each park, 30 percent of the sites cannot be reserved and campers are allowed to stay on a first come, first served basis.

“I can tell you, we’re really, really disappointed,” Rick VanDonsler said of the number of reservations he’s seen this year. He believes most of his customers are staying away due to the economy.

However, VanDonsler also said many of his customers have called and expressed interest in staying in a camper that is already set up. If a local person is willing to let one of VanDonsler’s tenants use his or her camper, there is a chance to make $100 a night.
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