Sunday, March 08, 2009

Oregon Coast has a Tradition of Tourism - Roseburg,OR,USA
BANDON — No matter what the weather, the fuel price, the fishing season or the economic situation, the coastal attractions of ocean, waves, beach and sand remain constant.

These features of the Oregon coast keep its communities optimistic about the potential of tourist business, especially with spring break just around the corner and summer vacations to follow.Vander Kley said that the occupancy rate at the marina’s RV park was 16 percent for January 2009, compared to 8 percent 12 months earlier and 10 percent for January 2007.

“That’s a good sign,” he said. “We’re experiencing a good winter season so far at the RV resort, even with the economic downturn, so using that as an indicator, we hope spring break will be better. We have to be optimistic.”

As of a week ago, the resort had reservations for about 30 percent of its 135 sites compared to 28 percent for Oregon’s spring break week in 2008. With a couple of weeks left before the break, Vander Kley expected the occupancy rate to go even higher.

“What we believe is that people will continue to recreate, but they may just not go as far, like out of state, but instead take shorter trips and stay in state,” Vander Kley said.
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