Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pay as you go satellite service from Dish - USA
Many RVers want the convenience that comes with having a satellite system in their RV. Be it sports, news or entertainment, RVers view the satellite system as a must have.

The downside has been that the RVer had to pay a monthly subscription fee even though they would only use the RV a couple times per month and even less in the winter months. This made the effective cost of the system very expensive. RVers then figured out that they needed satellite in their homes so that they could then use an extra dish and receiver for their RV. By using satellite service in their homes the cost became more affordable for the service received.

Now there is an alternative for the RVer who wants to keep the cable service (primarily for Internet service) and have satellite for the rig. Dish Now is a pay as you go service that requires no contracts, minimum billing or credit information. The RVer purchases a pre-paid card (more in a minute) and then calls an 800 number to choose what programing and for how long. Bottom line is the RVer is paying only for what they want to use and the cost average is about $1 per day. You will need a special dish and receiver that costs less than $100.
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Buying an RV the Smart Way
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