Thursday, March 19, 2009

RV Lifestyle is still Incredible Value for Canadians

(Toronto) March, 2009, Go RVing Canada is proud to announce the official attendance numbers of recent RV Shows from across the country. Thousands of Canadians visited their local RV show this winter to take advantage of historically low prices that are at an eight-year low.

Canadians are discovering that their local RV shows and exhibitions are great places to find the right RV to suit their lifestyle as there are hundreds of RVs of all models and price points on display.

Shows and exhibitions have taken place across the country and have seen strong attendance numbers as more and more Canadians discover the freedom, flexibility and fun of the RV lifestyle.

Attendance figures for many local RV shows increased right across the nation. Overall show attendance was increased by as much as 19% from previous years. In many instances, daily attendance numbers highlighted show-stopping traffic, with reports of up to a whopping 39.5% increase on the Saturday, marking the best Saturday ever in the history of the show.

This weekend marks the opening of the Chilliwack RV Show, with shows also slated for Quebec City, Sidney, BC, and Kitchener in the coming weeks.

“In today’s economic climate, Canadians are increasingly looking for ways to save money and make their recreational dollars go further,” said Go RVing spokesperson Alana Fontaine, “it’s no wonder Canadians are heading to their local RV Show. We haven’t seen prices this low since 2001.”

Fontaine explained that with the decrease in prices for RVs themselves, gas prices have also been cut by more than half in the past year, making operational costs for RVs lower than they have been in past years. The RV lifestyle is increasingly becoming a more realistic vacation opportunity for more Canadian families.

Even in times of economic uncertainty, RVs offer economy not found in any other vacation options. Depending on the RV model, an RV holiday can save a family of four anywhere between 50% and 70% over the cost of other forms of vacation travel. Including all RV ownership costs such as leasing payments, insurance, maintenance, tires and registration, an RV trip still works out to be more economical when compared to a traditional week's vacation for a family of four, when you consider the costs of flights, car rental, hotels and eating out at restaurants.

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