Monday, March 09, 2009

RV show rolls into Peoria IL

WHOI - Peoria,IL,USA
They're big gas guzzler but many people use them to get away.

Besides the big homes on wheels, area travelers could check out ATVs and local camping grounds. This year's theme was escape the stress and escape to the outdoors. And, the event's director Dennis Johnston, didn't sight the economy as a major problem for recreational vehicle sales.

"When you have a bad economy, things get tight of course just like every other industry has. The difference is people are not traveling to Wyoming or California in their RV's. They are going 90 miles away to a nice campground resort" said Johnston.

Although attendance was down about 12%, Johnston says the profits are still keeping pace with years past. However, last year's show was the most profitable in its 27years at the Civic Center.
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