Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking of travel? It's spring in the Ozarks

It's spring in the Ozarks, wildflowers will be blooming on the hills and fish will be looking for baited hooks. And if that doesn't persuade you to plan a visit, follow a few Web links to learn about that tourist magnet called Branson, Mo.

Don't know a redbud from a dogwood? Look for "Spring Bloom Info " at Ozark Mountains — http://www.ozarkmtns.com/index.asp — and take a look at photos and facts about the two flowering trees that decorate the hills in spring, along with a link to 15 spring wildflowers. Look to the left of the photo of the fox pups for a link to their suggestions for driving tours. And just below that, click on "Spring Fishing" and follow the links to fishing reports, descriptions of the fish that swim in the area, and fishing license information.

Looking at wildflowers isn't the only thing to do for fun. Go back to the main page of Ozark Mountains and look for "Ozark Mountains Recreation" for suggestions on hiking, biking, fishing and driving tours. And while it's still a bit early in the season, consult their "RV Parks and Campgrounds" directory for warmer weather visits.

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