Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where Jobs Ride on a Luxury on Wheels

The winding steps of granite lead to a dark hardwood floor as polished as the mirrored ceiling above. Together they reflect only luxury, from the dining area’s subtle elegance to the bedroom’s costly coziness. Granite kitchen counter. Granite shower stall. Fine upholstery that isn’t granite, but goes with granite.

And everywhere you look, high-definition televisions: descending from the ceiling, sliding out from behind the cabinetry, appearing just outside the front door in case you want to take in a nature documentary amid nature. They all respond to a remote-control device so sophisticated that you may need security clearance just to watch that documentary.

For $2 million it’s yours, take it, drive it off the lot: a 45-foot-long recreational vehicle meant for those who can afford to sail along the roads of America in a yacht on wheels. The Marathon Coach company of Coburg, Ore., awaits your call.

The idea of paying $2 million for a rolling domicile with less than 500 square feet of living space — carpeted, say, in “Eureka,” with accents of “Madrid” — may seem excessive in this recession, even a bit oblivious. But here in Lane County, a good part of the economy depends on that strain of American wanderlust requiring a toilet, bed and kitchenette just a few rumbling feet behind the wheel.

And that is the problem. In these hard times, fewer household discussions are beginning with “Honey, let’s buy a motor home.”
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