Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bluegrass on Wheels

The night before the maiden voyage of the "Schlitzmium Giganticus," members of the local bluegrass band Schlitz Creek took the 24-foot RV for a gas up.

As the pump filled the 27-gallon gas tank of the newly renovated 1973 Georgie Boy motor home last Thursday, a couple of Harley Davidson riders took notice of the group's new touring vehicle, complete with the band's logo and its motto: "Bluegrass with some bite."

"What? Is your mandolin player making up for a small instrument?" one of the bikers asked.

The band -- mandolin player John Speeter, banjo player Nick Deaton, guitarist Dave Dekema, bassist Nick Griffith and fiddler Ike Smith -- is sure to get more reactions this spring and summer as it takes the "SG" on the road, including a couple of shows in the area this weekend.
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