Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Campsite reservations up over last year

Santa Rosa Press Democrat - Santa Rosa,CA,USA

The struggling economy is proving good news for at least one group of businesses — campsite operators.

More vacationers are turning to tents and RVs instead of transcontinental flights and pricey hotels.

“We opened up April 1 and we usually open up May 1,” said Vicki Rainwater, manager of the Alexander Valley RV Park and Campground. “We were flooded with calls.”

Multi-generational groups are becoming more popular too, Rainwater said, as family reunions or at least cousin-free-for-alls become more popular.

“I don’t know what sparked that, it’s just nice to hear that it’s starting to be a family-type thing again,” she said. “Maybe money is tight, this is what you have to do to get together.”

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