Thursday, April 09, 2009

Country Coach to Lay Off 460, Become Custom Builder - Charlotte,NC,USA
Country Coach will lay off approximately 460 workers, the company announced in a filing with the state late Wednesday.

The Junction City-based motorhome manufacturer said layoffs will begin April 1. The affected employees were furloughed in November.

The company plans to become a much-smaller custom RV manufacturer. It will employ 110 after the layoffs.

“We’ve been a custom coach builder before,” said Matt Howard, the company’s vice president of marketing. “It’s essentially our business plan going forward.”
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Cowboy Cooking for RVers
Jim Foreman is a well-known and popular member of several RV email groups and forums so you may already know that he loves to cook cowboy style.

As an avid RVer, Jim found that his cowboy recipes and style of cooking adapted well to the confines of his RV kitchen and his cookbook is a combination of cowboy, tex-mex, Baja Califonia and just good food influenced by many years and miles of RV travel. Get More Info

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