Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planning commission votes down RV ordinance

Marietta Register Online - Marietta,OH,USA
After hearing 45 minutes of arguments for and against it, planning commission members voted 5-0 against ordinance 99, proposed legislation that would list seasonal RV lot rentals (May 15 to September 15) as a permissible property use in about a dozen C-3 zones in Marietta, subject to certain restrictions and other city ordinances.

Ward One Councilman David White was one of several people who spoke in favor of ordinance 99 before the planning commission vote, calling it a basic property rights issue. "A majority of [Marietta City Council] favors this ordinance to permit RV parking within C-3 zones," he told the commission.

White and other Republicans on Marietta City Council have argued that C-3 is the city's most permissive zone and the most logical classification to allow RV lot rentals.

Brothers Jim and Randy Barengo, owners of Barengo Insurance, spoke against the ordinance, which would allow Marietta resident Debbie Scott to proceed with her stated desire to rent up to four seasonal parking spaces to RV owners on her south side property directly behind Barengo Insurance on South Fifth Street in an area zoned C-3.

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