Thursday, April 02, 2009

Progress made in restoring Illinois state parks

Belleville News Democrat - IL, USA
Crews from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources continue to make progress in repairing facilities and clearing damaged trees and branches at a number of state parks, natural areas, and trails in southern Illinois in the aftermath of the severe ice storm that hit the region in late January.

Affected facilities will remain closed or will have limited access until dangers from downed limbs and trees are cleared and related repairs are made.

"Our IDNR personnel are working hard every day to clear the damage and get the affected sites open as soon as possible and they are making progress," said IDNR Director Marc Miller. "Public safety is our first concern, and facilities at a number of sites need to remain closed because downed trees and other damage still present dangers to visitors.

"Residents in the region know how devastating the January ice storm was...we ask for patience from them and from all park visitors as we work to get these sites reopened."

Visitors are encouraged to call ahead before their visit.
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