Monday, April 06, 2009

Progressive RV insurance now available in Massachusetts

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio — April 6, 2009 — Massachusetts RVers now have new choices for insuring their motor homes. Progressive started offering car insurance in the state last May and a month later introduced boat insurance. Now, it has added RV insurance. The new coverage come just in time for the warm weather, when families across the state will be packing their motor homes for vacation.

Progressive's RV insurance is available for motor homes including conventional (Class A), camper vans (Class B), and mini-motor homes (Class C).

Consumers can buy the newly available insurance products online at, by phone at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE, and through independent insurance agents.

"Progressive's RV programs offer unique features that haven't been available to Massachusetts residents in the past," said Pat Callahan, Progressive's general manager in charge of motorcycle, RV and boat insurance. "For example, the RV insurance includes Progressive's unique Pet Injury Coverage, which covers dogs and cats hurt in car accidents."

More details on the specific product features are available at
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