Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ACC Warranty Group offers RVers “Zero-Percent-Guaranteed Financing”

Indianapolis, IN 05/13/2009 – The ACC Warranty Group,, has announced a multi-year agreement to provide zero percent interest consumer financing through its ACC Sales-Finance unit. The ACC Finance program is unique in today’s marketplace due to the fact that it is guaranteed to all consumers with no credit check and offers a zero percent interest rate for twelve months.

The private label financing program provides special credit allowances that simplify payment options on initial and on-going purchases. Key benefits of the program include no annual fees, 24-hour account access, online payments, zero percent interest and low minimum monthly payments. In addition, the program is fully transferrable.

“ACC now has the best consumer-oriented RV warranty program we have seen,” said Scott Ring. “It is extremely fair, attractive and sensitive to the current needs of RV dealers and most importantly existing RV consumers. The combination of ACC’s depth of buying, low prices and now free financing will materially increase the opportunity for our dealers and partners to deliver warranty products to families across America.”

“This finance option is also approved for use in conjunction with the recently launched ACC Monaco Coach warranty program, the ACC Country Coach warranty Program, and the ACC Fleetwood warranty program in response to the Chapter 11 filings by those manufacturers.”

According to the RVIA, more than 1.2 million RV’s have been shipped to dealers during the past 4 years. With the current economy, more and more consumers are putting off trading for a new unit and are now out of factory warranty coverage. When you combine those numbers with the amount of RV’s built by manufacturers who are no longer in business, there is a great opportunity for ACC to step in and fill a large vacuum in today’s RV market.

“An extended warranty ensures years of trouble-free ownership without the fear of unexpected repair costs,” said Louis Pagliarini, vice president of sales for GE Money. “Consumers who maintain warranty coverage are proven to enjoy a better ownership experience.”
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