Saturday, May 09, 2009

Canadian RV Dealer wants Closed Fleetwood plant

A Canadian RV dealer has offered $1.8 million to buy the Fleetwood Enterprises travel trailer plant in La Grande Oregon.

Craig Little, owner of Arbutus RV & Marine Sales, said he has made the offer so he can supply his five dealerships on Vancouver Island.

Little has sold RVs for 21 years, and his dealerships employ 120 people, but he said his would be his first foray into manufacturing. Fleetwood was a major supplier for his dealerships, he said, which sold products from the La Grande and Pendleton plants. But Fleetwood's recent troubles, as well as other RV manufacturers going under or on the brink of bankruptcy, prompted Little to find a way to establish a supply of products.

While the RV market in the U.S. is struggling, Little said, the market on Vancouver Island is still very strong. Little said he wants to use the plant to make products similar to Fleetwood's, but just what kind he wouldn't say.
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