Friday, May 22, 2009

Eco-Friendly Green RVs May Shape RVing's Future

Peter Travel News - Studio City,CA,USA
As more and more Americans struggle to find affordable ways to travel, attention has turned to the niche market of recreational vehicles.

But is it possible for eco-minded travelers to reduce their carbon footprint—or tire tracks—when driving these behemoths?

Welcome to the world of green RVs.

The good news is that the RV industry is adjusting to the demands of a more environmentally conscious public. Vehicles are offering more efficient fuel usage and improved design, while providing spacious accommodations that can fit realistic budgets.

Modern motor homes use fuel-efficient diesel engines that get about 15 miles per gallon as opposed to the industry standard of 8-10 mpg.

Manufacturers are building RVs with lighter composites (similar to the material found in golf balls), experimenting with new design, combating wind resistance by making sleeker front ends that improve overall fuel efficiency, changing the look of trailers to a more European design, with an aerodynamic front that conserves energy.

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