Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flooded Iowa campgrounds back in business

Iowa City Press Citizen - Iowa City,IA,USA

Although last year’s flooding brought more water than happy campers to local parks, things are back up and running for this year’s camping season, officials said.A number of camping sites throughout the county were underwater for a portion of last summer, but officials said the damage wasn’t as bad as feared.

There are three county-owned campground locations, including F.W. Kent Park, Hills Access and River Junction. Both Hills Access and River Junction are alongside the Iowa River and flooded last summer.

“They have been restored and are back up and running,” Kent Park Ranger Tom Smith said. “We got out of it fairly easily.”

The 10 campsites at Hills Access were under four feet of water during the height of the flood, Smith said.

“I just expected things to be flattened,” he said.

Once the floodwaters receded, county conservation department staff only needed to do some minor fixes, such as adding dirt and seed, he said.

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