Monday, May 18, 2009

NE Campgrounds Filling For Memorial Day Weekend


Campers are already pouring into Nebraska state parks in anticipation of the Memorial Day weekend.

“We’re expecting to probably fill either Tuesday night or Wednesday," said Mahoney State Park Superintendent Brian Schimdt.

So does that mean people not planning to spend the night should stay at home this weekend? Not so, according to Schmidt.

"We have the family aquatic center which is opening this weekend and it’ll be a big hit this weekend as well as the horseback riding, the paddle boating and all the different activities, as well as theater."

"I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation.” Dale Jensen's song pretty much sums up his day. He loves Mahoney.

“I love it, it's a wonderful place. They've just got so many fantastic services, but you know what I like best is the fact that I can bring my food for enough meals for breakfast and lunch and then I go over to the lodge for supper, have a T-bone steak.”

The Wilsons have been enjoying the amenities of the park most of the week, but aren't so crazy about the crowds expected this weekend.

“We clear out on holiday weekends, that's when a lot of other people are here and so it's a lot more crowded, a lot more people,” said Dennis Wilson. “This way it's more peaceful and we just don't go on holiday weekends anymore.”

Schimidt says that while big parks like Mahoney fill up pretty quickly, other less known facilities tend to have space available later in the week.

He recommends checking the parks Web site for online camping and lodging reservations.

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