Friday, May 29, 2009

Overnight charge in RV parks 'unreasonable'

Central Maine Morning Sentinel - Augusta,ME,USA
A few years ago while traveling through North Carolina, I stopped at a campground off Interstate 95 just to stay overnight. It wanted $16 for just electricity. About three miles before, I had seen a motel that was advertising two double beds for $21. I told the campground people that I would not pay over $10.

They didn't seem to care about getting my business so I went down the road for about two miles and parked in a garage yard. He didn't want to take any money but I insisted he take at least $5. He believed that an RV in his yard would prevent burglaries and welcomed me back any time.

I have very descriptive words for anybody who would waste their legislative duties on such a bill as LD 114, but I am sure the paper would not publish them.
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