Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Canadians get peak at Freedom and Fun of RV lifestyle

(Ottawa) June 15, 2009, Go RVing Canada is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new video just in time for the summer RV season. As Canadians plan their summer getaways the new video will provide an excellent sneak peak at the freedom, flexibility and fun of an RV trip. The video, available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9tOhFgRjNE, showcases the endless possibilities an RV vacation provides Canadians as they enjoy the summer break.

More and more Canadians are realizing the benefits of RVing. Not only does RVing bring people together, but it is also a very economical vacation option with RVs that suit all ages and budgets. RVing has seen a strong increase in popularity, as more Canadians discover RVing as a hassle-free, flexible vacation option.

Go RVing Canada recently added two new tools to their extensive website. The new Find a Campground Near You tool is an effective resource for Canadians to find that perfect wilderness campsite or campground within 100 kilometers of their home. The Cost-Comparison Vacation Calculator allows Canadians to compare the cost of traditional vacations with the affordability of RVing. Building on the success of these tools, the new video further cements www.gorving.ca as the first place Canadians should consult when heading out in an RV this summer. The Go RVing Canada website has extensive resources on everything RV-related from information on the RV lifestyle to tips and advice for buying or renting an RV across Canada.

Even in times of economic uncertainty, RVs offer economy not found in any other vacation option. Depending on the RV model, an RV holiday can save a family of four anywhere between 50% and 70% over the cost of other forms of vacation travel. Including all RV ownership costs such as leasing payments, insurance, maintenance, tires and registration, an RV trip still works out to be much more economical when compared to a traditional week long vacation for a family of four, when you consider the costs of flights, car rental, hotels and eating out at restaurants.

“Consumers want to stretch their dollars in tough times, and RV vacations are a great way to do that,” said Go RVing Canada Spokesperson, Alana Fontaine. “The fact that prices are lower than they have been in eight years means RVing will appeal to an even broader cross section of Canadians, regardless of their age or income.”

Building upon strong attendance numbers at the many RV shows and exhibitions that took place across the country this past winter, Fontaine expects many Canadians to discover the freedom, flexibility and fun of the RV lifestyle this summer.

For more information on RVing in Canada and to check out the new tools please visit www.gorving.ca
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