Thursday, June 04, 2009

Forest Service closes Montana Park Lake for summer

The popular Park Lake campground and day-use site southwest of Helena will be closed for the entire summer this year. Duck Creek Road and the route to Gipsy Lake campground southeast of Helena are temporarily shut down.

Closing the Park Lake site was prompted by the large number of standing, dead trees that could pose a hazard to people boating, fishing, camping and hiking in the area, according to Helena District Ranger Duane Harp. The trees were killed by mountain pine beetles during the past few years.

"Some trees blew down during the winter, as the lodgepole trees' roots weaken and they start to topple over," Harp said. "Any wound that they have also is a good place for them to snap off.

"We know this will affect a lot of people by not having it open - the 24-unit campground usually is full every weekend. But it's just too dangerous."
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