Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Montana Summer Recreation Guide

Flathead Beacon - Kalispell,MT,USA
A visitor to the Flathead Valley interested in hiking, biking, horseback riding and camping confronts a wealth of options so vast the effect can be paralyzing – like entering the Library of Congress and trying to pick out a book. Even the majority of locals here barely scratch the surface of all the climbs, descents, sweeping vistas and pristine alpine lakes that await those willing to leave the highway for the trails.

What follows are brief suggestions for some of the more popular and easy outings. Be sure to know your abilities and experience, as well as the planned route. Use guidebooks and the expertise of rangers, as well as the staff at local cycling and outdoor stores for suggestions. Pack water, food and extra layers, and check in with the appropriate agency to be sure you’ve got the right permits. Also, be sure to carry bear spray and familiarize yourself with the precautions of traveling in bear country. When surprised, those grizzlies can occasionally be more hostile than the average Flathead local.
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