Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More RV Buyers Aiming for Full Time RV Lifestyle

Pedata RV Center is aiding more and more potential Motorhome buyers and RV owners looking to upgrade with plans to drastically reduce their living expenses by adopting the full time RV lifestyle. Those considering the RV as a means of cutting back point out that selling their home not only leaves them with a nest egg that is comforting during economic upheaval, but it lowers their monthly expenditures.

Cancelling all the maintenance/upkeep services required by an average size home in the US saves a large amount of money: electric bills, water bills, phone and internet bills, landscaping bills…not to mention the periodic painting, the need for a new roof, the swimming pool maintenance, re-seeding the lawn, having the carpets cleaned periodically, etc. can add up to astronomical costs. In comparison the maintenance and upkeep on a recreational vehicle is nominal.

Eliza W., a RV owner going full time to cut costs said, "It's the smartest choice for us at the moment. We're retired. We like to travel. So cutting lose from the costs of maintaining our 3 bedroom home that we probably only spend 4-6 months in a year was only logical."

Pedata RV Center's general manager, Clint Ethington, sees many RV owners and potential RV buyers looking at the RV lifestyle as a thrifty option. He said, "For many it's a way of cutting back without feeling like it's a huge sacrifice. Because…let's admit it, really they're cutting back from a lot of responsibility and going on what amounts to an extended vacation."

For more information on Pedata RV Center, or current trends in the RV industry contact Clint Ethington, General Manager, at clint@pedatarvcenter.com or by phone at: 1-888-545-8314 or 520-807-0900. Or visit Pedata RV Center online at www.pedatarvcenter.com.
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