Thursday, July 16, 2009

Motor home almost drops into ocean off Oregon cliff

OTTER ROCK - It took the work of two huge tow trucks, two drivers, two men "in the hole" and 14 hours worth of labor, but on Tuesday, the effort was finally enough to extract a 36-foot motor home from the rocks below U.S. 101.

"The only other option would have been to bring in two helicopters," said Joshua Mast, an employee of the Florence-based Mast Bros. Towing and Recovery, which rescued the RV.

The saga began Sunday afternoon, when Lincoln County Sheriff's deputies responded to a report of a vehicle over the cliffs near where U.S. 101 meets North Otter Crest Loop Road. On the scene, James Brown, 79, of Washington, told deputies he had stepped from the motor home to walk his dog when the brakes apparently failed.
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